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Point 65 Sweden Martini GTX Modular Touring Kayak

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The Martini GTX is a decked, take-apart, touring modular kayak with a roomy and comfortable cockpit to explore with and then take back home in the back of your car. Like the sit-on-top version, the Martini GTX features the innovative patented Snap-Tap solution. Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus de Brito, the Martini is a fun, versatile and high-performance recreational kayak.

The key features of the Point 65 Sweden Martini GTX:

  • Modular take-a-part
  • Fixed skeg & flush rudder
  • AIR-Backrest™ ultra comfort
  • Dry cargo space
  • Swedish design & engineering



    Easy to handle in and out of the water. With Point 65´s innovative Snap-Tap system, the Martini GTX Kayak snaps apart and re-assembles in seconds for a kayak that is comfortable, stable, and strong making it by far the easiest to carry recreational kayak on the market. The Martini GTX is a rigid high-performance kayak that you can carry with ease and that will fit in the back of most cars. It will fit comfortably in a SUV, crossover, and minivans with plenty of room to spare.


    Snap-in the mid-section and your single seater Solo transforms into a high-performance Tandem. Never before has a kayak been so much fun and so easy to own. In fact, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is deciding who to bring with you. By adding mid sections, you can create the perfect team-building experience for as many paddlers as you want.


    The Martini GTX is designed with both kids and adults in mind. Whether paddling, fishing, or just relaxing, this comfortable, stable, and strong high-performance kayak is the ideal choice for family fun on the water.


    Carrying and hauling, the Martini has the innovative features to keep everyone smiling. So easy to set up and go, you’ll be having a blast right off the beach.


    The Martini GTX is equipped with an extremely comfortable AIR-Backrest™ as well as thigh braces for improved control, multiple cup holders, integrated rudder, and easily adjustable rudder pedals. The AIR-Backrest™, with a pneumatically adjustable backrest, gives the paddler the ability to choose the most comfortable seating position. The seat covers are made of highly durable honey-comb pattern material with the mesh-like fabric which is laminated and molded over EVA foam. Add the fitted spray cover and you can enjoy a dry ride even in rough conditions.

    The Martini GTX also features a large, oval dry-hatch aft and a smaller round bow dry-hatch to access two watertight compartments for safe storage of gear on your next adventure.

    Designed for comfort and stability, the Point 65 Sweden Martini GTX is a nimble, highly maneuverable decked recreational touring kayak with plenty of legroom. And whether you paddle the Point 65 Sweden Martini GTX as a Solo or Tandem, this is one of the faster recreational kayaks on the market. Designed for optimal comfort, stability, maneuverability, and tracking. It’s perfect for a day of fun or a weekend of adventure. Use a protective spray skirt to cover the cockpit and you can paddle the Martini GTX through rough water and stay dry. Load it up — the Martini GTX has tons of dry storage!


    The Martini GTX is prepared to accommodate aftermarket fishing equipment and its multiple paddle parks free your hands to handle all the fishing you need. The molded-in fish-o-meter helps in measuring your catch. Going by yourself or with a friend? You have both options in one kayak — just add the Snap Tap mid-section and go from Solo to Tandem in seconds. With a second midsection between the two paddlers, you can create additional storage space for your four-legged friend and tons of additional gear.


    Length Solo 285cm / 9’4''
    Front Section:
    179cm / 5'9''
    Length Tandem 416cm / 13’8''
    Mid Section:
    163cm / 5´ 4''
    Width Solo 70cm / 27,6”
    Back Section:
    142cm / 4´8''
    Width Tandem 70cm / 27,6”
    Bow Hatch:
    20x20cm / 7,9"x7,9"
    Weight Solo 22kg / 48,5lbs
    Aft Hatch:
    44x26cm 17"x10"
    Weight Tandem 35kg / 77lbs
    83x46cm / 33"x18"
    Capacity Solo 120kg / 265lbs
    Capacity Tandem 240kg / 530lbs
    Weight/Section approx 11kg / 24,3
    2 year limited



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