Bixpy J-1 Outboard Motor Kit

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The Bixpy J-1 Outboard Motor Kit combines the powerful Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor with their waterproof wireless Bixpy Outboard Battery that will power any personal watercraft currently on the market.

Whether you want to motorize your inflatable kayak, modular kayak or other personal watercraft, the Bixpy J-1 Outboard Motor Kit is your answer.

No other option in the market is made to give watercraft adventurers a lightweight and super adaptable package to power their personal watercrafts.

In addition to the Bixpy PowerShroud Motor and their Outboard battery, you have a variety of Bixpy’s Plug and Play WillFit™ Adapters to choose from to make installation on many different brand name boats a breeze!

This Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit enables you to stay out longer in your watercraft, explore new waters that you may not be able to reach otherwise, fish more to your hearts content, troll for hours without getting as tired or just get home effortlessly at the end of a long day out on the beautiful water or when the weather turns on you and you need an extra push to get you back before the tide comes.


The motor can run for approximately 75 minutes at its top speed and up to 10 hours at its slow speed.
Has a lightweight setup as it only weighs 9 lb. This includes the Outboard battery and J-1 PowerShroud motor).
Operates using a wireless remote control with 12 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds to choose from.
It is waterproof and dirt-proof built with quality corrosion-resistant components.
Outboard Power Pack and remote control both float just in case they fall into the water.
Modular Motor which allows you to attach the same Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud motor to the Bixpy Handheld Batteries to use with snorkeling or scuba diving.

Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit Includes

Bixpy J-1 PowerShroud™ Motor
Bixpy Outboard Battery (333 Wh)
Wireless Remote Control
Magnetic kill switch with floating leash
100 - 240V Wall Charger
Allen key to open PowerShroud™ for cleaning and repairs
5ml tube of di-electric grease
Quick Start User Manual
Bixpy Vinyl Decal

Installation Guides

Bixpy J-1 Outboard Kit Installation Guide



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