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Point 65 Sweden KingFisher Solo Modular Fishing Kayak With Impulse Drive

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The Point 65 KingFisher Solo Modular Fishing Kayak features:

  • Easy to transport thanks to the Snap-Tap modular system, which allows this kayak to snap apart into two easily manageable sections that fit inside most cars and the assembly is just as quick and easy. 
  • Agile hull widthof 31 inches which makes paddling and maneuvering a whole lot easier while still maintaining stability and balance when you're standing up to fish. You’ll notice it’s speed and tracking abilities are stellar when paddling.
  • Versatile, powered by your arms, legs or motor leaving your hands free to cast and catch your daily quota of fish! Hand-controlled, double-sided rudders make it exceptionally easy to maneuver and turn in tight situations. 

Game Chair

  • Premium angler comfort so you can fish as long as you need to bring home your catch!
  • Multiple settings for ultimate comfort and efficient paddling positioning.
  • Ultra comfy and together with this kayak provides a superb platform for angling all kinds of fish and water types.

Impulse Drive

  • Easily slides into its slot in the kayak and effectively propels you forward and even backward using your leg power.
  • Incredibly light weight, 100% waterproof and features several gear ratios. 
  • Can be driven both forward and backwards.


  • Includes: Both front and back sections
  • Description: Modular Sit On Top Kayak, solo
  • Length: 11 ft/ 331 cm
  • Length front section: 67" / 171 cm
  • Length back section: 65.5" / 166 cm
  • Width: 31" / 79 cm
  • Weight 70 lbs / 32 kg
  • Weight front section: 35 lbs / 16 kg
  • Weight front section: 35 lbs / 16 kg
  • Front hatch: 11.4" x 15" / 29 cm x 38 cm
  • Rear hatch: 12.2" x 19.2" / 31 cm x 49 cm
  • Capacity: 286 lbs / 130kg
  • Rudder: Yes
  • Style: Solo (with Tandem style coming soon)
  • 50mm scuppers in back to fit bilge/bait pump 



Download KingFisher Fishing Kayak Manual

Download Impulse Drive Assembly Kit