Malibu Kayaks

One of the Best Fishing Kayak in 2020 because stability and comfort

What makes Malibu Fishing Kayaks the best fishing kayaks in 2020 for your fishing adventures? 

Stability is Malibu Kayak's number one priority.

Roto Molding mixes the resin throughout the kayak as it's baked to eliminate any uneven surfaces.

Special Formula Resin is used for better durability and quality.

Capacity of Malibu Kayaks have an average weight capacity of 400 lbs, while being one of the lightest.

Durability means that Malibu Kayaks have an ultra-high density to ensure strength and longevity so that you can have more great experiences on the water.

Innovations means that each kayak goes through quality testing both in-house and out on the water. Malibu Kayaks are continuously improved staying current with the experience of paddlers. Malibu Kayaks pushes the limits of the definition of a kayak and are the leaders of kayak innovation, setting the standards that others follow.

Diversity of choice between fishing, family, diving, hunting and recreational.

Made in California which means your kayaks are made all year long paddlers and fishermen.


  • Livewell Tank - Malibu Kayaks patented built in Livewell Tank distinguishes their fishing kayaks from the pack. It can also be used as storage for long trips out on the ocean.
  • Fish Finder - all of the Malibu fishing kayaks are built and equipped with a transducer ready hull.
  • Standing Platform - Fishermen are more accustomed to standing when fishing. Malibu fishing kayaks standing platform makes it possible to stand while casting out on the water.
  • X-Seat - When you're out on the ocean for long periods of time it can take a toll on your back. The X-Seat, Malibu Fishing Kayaks make sitting relaxing and comfortable. With four seating positions its versatile to suit your preferences.


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