January 25, 2020 2 min read

Fishing kayaks enable you to fish from a kayak while on a body of water. Kayaks have been used as a means of transportation for a very long time. In addition to being used as transportation, kayaks allow access to fishing in areas that otherwise would be more difficult to get to. 

Arctic indigenous people made kayaks so that they could hunt on lakes, rivers, and oceans easily. Although the arctic people did not rely on kayaks for fishing, fishing kayaks have recently become more popular on both fresh and saltwater.

Unlike a boat, kayaks have little maintenance cost and are easier to purchase and transport. Kayaks can be stored in small spaces especially modular kayaks which allows you to disassemble and reassemble if needed. Kayaks are simple to launch into the water. Kayak wheels and trailers can be purchased to aid in transporting a kayak. A lot of anglers have begun to customize their kayaks for fishing.

Many kayak manufacturers offer kayaks specifically designed for fishing. They sometimes come with a special design for a hatchet, a rod holder, GPS receivers, equipment mounts and etc. 

Fishing kayaks are designed in such a way so that they are very similar to sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks characterized by a wider beam (up to 36 inches) that increases stability. This improved stability allows for the angler to stand up and fish as needed.

These fishing kayaks have great storage in their hulls which allow the angler to be able to keep spare fishing rods, additional fishing gear, new batteries for any fish finders, extra kayaking paddles, special anchors, and wheels to tow the kayak from your car to the water. Some anglers will add outriggers to improve overall stability.

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